How to stop Default-Auto-Reply-Message after missed call

DARM (Default-Auto-Reply-Message) is a default way some smartphones (Smartps) used to send automatic message after a missed call. In other words, it is a condition of sending an SMS automatically in responding to missed call without Smartp Owner’s awareness. For example, sometimes, you discover that your Smartp without your notice will automatically send an SMS in responding to missed call. For example message as “Pls I’m driving, I’ll call later”, even when you are not driving.
Although, this means of responding to missed-calls is alright with some people. This is because for them, it is a way of showing regard to their callers. However, to some people-it is a reduction of account balance and as well, sometimes a way that missed inform their callers for proper message, therefore not necessary. The truth is that in most part of the world, DARM functionality is annoying, so thank God, I finally got a solution.


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The two places to work on are the Message Settings and the Call Settings of the Smartp.


The Message Settings
1. Open your Message App, tap Settings and then tap Text Message (SMS),

2. Tap the Edit quick text,
3. Tap each of the quick messages and delete all. Make sure you delete all. See picture below:

       4. Finished.

The Call Setting

1. Open your Dial Phone App, tap Settings and then tap Other Settings,

2. Tap Quick response,
3. Erase all the messages with leftover of comma (,) in each of them. Note that you cannot delete the message, so put comma(,) as leftover text and tap OK.
4. Finished. See picture below:




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