How to Prevent Unwanted Ad on Mobile Webpage

Sometimes, it gets annoying, how pop ads will never allow you to view an interesting webpage. For instance, when we opened a particular webpage, an ad will pop and block the place of view. However, how to prevent this disturbance, you need to install a browser with “block ad” functionality.

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What is browser? It is an application program that provides a way to look at and interact with all the information on the World Wide Web. Examples are Opera-mini, UC-browser, Firefox, and Chrome. Although, must of these browsers are good, but with no “block ad” functionality.

So to fix this problem, do these:

  1. Go to your App download store. For Android-Google Play Store, iPhone-App Store, Windows-Microsoft Store, etc. Please make sure your store is activated, or go to external store. (See top App Store here).

how to download iphone apps

how to download windows app

2. Download and install an app called CM browser Ad blocker.

3. Open the App after the installation, and tap the Adblock button for activation.

how to set cm browser


Disclaimer: does not develop any smartphone app, but we only recommend tested apps. So we advised you on the followings:

  • *To download every app from your play store and read the terms of usage.
  • *Do not use transfer apps from friends to avoid contaminating virus or malware.
  • *Before the installation of any app, check the remaining size of your RAM (For android, click here for the steps), and iPhone, click here, if it still remains sufficient.
  • *Uninstall Social Apps that you do not have account with.

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