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How to know Truecaller App very well: The Pros and Cons

7 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Truecaller App: The Pros and Cons.

Have you ever called someone you are sure doesn’t have your number but the person is still yet to know you are the one? The chances are that the person is either able to quickly recognize your voice which is most times highly unlikely, or the person has the Truecaller app running on his mobile phone.

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This app has become very popular among Android phone users as there are a lot of things that it can help you to accomplish and not just revealing who is calling you. Inasmuch as there are privacy concerns by a lot of people, the definition of privacy has already be changed by the internet.

Whether you are using the app or not, there are a lot of things that you may want to know about it which will be able to help you.

Facts about Truecaller App

How it works: What this smartphone app does is to fish out the identity of the person calling you and reveal to you in real time. It is able to do that by running the number through your contact and if not found, it will go through various phonebooks and pull out a number.

  1. What Operating System does it run on? Like many other apps, the Truecaller can run on almost all operating systems including the  AndroidiOSWindows Phone and BlackBerry 10. operating systems.
  2. Spam Calls and Text messages: It reveals text messages and calls that other users of the app have identified and recorded as spam. It will depend on you to block such calls. For the messages, you can set it in a way that they would go to your spam box.
  3. Delisting yourself: If you don’t want people to get your number from the app, it is very easy for you to visit their sites and delist your number. More so, you will need to delete the app entirely and get yourself out of the system.
  4. Users of the app: Already, there are over 100 million people that are actively making use of the app. As at 2014, there were 1.5 billion Truecaller searches that were made using the application, and it was found to be helping in the blocking of over a million calls each day.
  5. Location of Users: More than 20 percent of those using the app are in Africa, with many more in India.
  6. Pro Subscription: There is also the pro subscription that people who use it regularly can upgrade to the professional subscription which you can either to pay a monthly fee or an annual fee. With the pro subscription, among other things that you will benefit is the absence of ads and a badge on your profile. In order to increase its revenue, Truecaller is now trying to limit the number of searches each month in such a way that for one to have more, one has to have a pro version.
  7. Other things: The app has many other functionalities including video call which works with Google Duo, know people that are online or connected to the internet, send flash messages, and know when people are making calls when you make it your default messaging app.

Pros of Truecaller App

  • The main advantage of the app is that it helps you in checking and controlling spams in terms of both calls and messages.
  • Helps you to find the numbers of people much easier.
  • It can help in eliminating robocalls.
  • Even when people get to call you with private numbers this will reveal who they really are.

Cons of Truecaller App

  • As already noted, one of the main problems that you would come to find with this is that of privacy.
  • Unless you have a working 3G connection, you may not be able to see who is calling you.
  • There are places where the app may not work well.
  • Anyone can decide to tag any number anyone doesn’t understand as spam.

Apps like it

Apart from Truecaller which happens to be one of the most popular of its kind, there are many others that function almost in the same way. Among these are:

  1. Whitepages Caller ID
  2. WhosCall
  3. TrapCall
  4. Number-Block Call Block
  5. Number Guru
  6. CallerSmart
  7. WhoWho

Even though these are all alternatives to Truecaller, the app still remains the most popular all.


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