How to Connect to the Internet on Laptop through Android

We will learn how to use your  Android’s Smartphone to connect Internet in Personal Computer. This process is called “tethering”, which is the ability to share a smartphone’s Internet connection with computers or other devices. It can be accomplished by connecting the devices with a USB cable, a Bluetooth wireless link or a Wi-Fi connection.

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1. Open your Android’s Settings. It’s a gear-shaped app that you’ll find in the App Drawer.

android setting

2. Tap More. This option is below the “Wireless & networks” heading near the top of the Settings page.

  • If it is on a Samsung phone, you will instead tap Connections.

tethering hotspot

3. Tap Tethering & portable hotspot. It’s near the middle of the screen.

  • On a Samsung device, tap Mobile HotSpot and Tethering instead.

4. Tap Set up mobile hotspot (or configure Wi-Fi hotspot). This option is at the top of the page.

  • On a Samsung, tap Mobile Hotspot, tap in the top-right corner, and tap Configure Mobile HotSpot.

5. Set up your Android’s hotspot. To do so, enter the following information:

  • Network name – The name your hotspot will display in your computer’s wireless manager.
  • Security – Select a WPA2 option from this menu.
  • Password – The login password you will use.

6. Tap Save. It’s in the bottom-right corner of the Wi-Fi Hotspot window.

7. Slide the switch next to OFF right to the “On” position (that is the Wi-Fi hotspot switch). This switch is at the top of the screen. Doing so will turn on your Android’s hotspot.

8. Click your computer’s Wi-Fi icon. It’s a series of curved lines in the bottom-right side of the screen (Windows) or the top-right side of the screen (Mac).

  • On Windows, you may first have to click ^ in this section of the screen in order to view the Wi-Fi icon.

9. Click your phone’s network name. This is the name you entered earlier.

10. Enter the hotspot password. This is the password you added earlier.

11. Click Next (Windows) or Join (Mac). As long as the password is correct, doing so will prompt your computer to connect to your Android’s hotspot.


Method 2: Android USB Tethering

1. Connect your Android to your computer. You’ll use your Android’s charger cable to do so.

2. Open your Android’s Settings. It’s a gear-shaped app typically found in the App Drawer.

3. Tap More. This option is beneath the “Wireless & networks” heading.

  • On a Samsung device, tap Connections here instead.

4. Tap Tethering & portable hotspot. It’s near the top of the page.

  • On a Samsung, tap Tethering and Mobile HotSpot instead.

5. Slide USB tethering right to “ON”. After doing so, you should see the trident-shaped USB icon appear in the top-left corner of the screen, and your computer should recognize your phone as a wired Internet connection.

Disclaimer: does not develop any smartphone app, but we only recommend tested apps. So we advised you on the followings:

  • *To download every app from your play store and read the terms of usage.
  • *Do not use transfer apps from friends to avoid contaminating virus or malware.
  • *Before the installation of any app, check the remaining size of your RAM (For android, click here for the steps), and iPhone, click here, if it still remains sufficient.
  • *Uninstall Social Apps that you do not have account with.

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