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Best Smartphones 2018

The best smartphones in 2018 are hard to pick from. Here are the Top 10 phones of the year and our guide to picking the best one for you

1. OnePlus 6

OnePlus 6

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  • RRP: $529 (6GB/64GB); $579 (8GB/64GB); $629 (8GB/128GB)
  • Buy from OnePlus

Although it lacks wireless charging and waterproofing, the OnePlus 6 is still the best phone you can buy right now. It is fairly priced, has the best specs you could hope for, looks great and has cameras that can compete with its rivals.

The glass construction, outstanding display and lightning quick performance starts from £469 or $529 – an incredible price considering the Galaxy S9 costs a full £300/$300 more. The dual cameras are a shade below the quality of the Pixel 2, but most people won’t care or notice.

While its phones have always been excellent, the OnePlus 6 is by far its best ever, and the phone with which its small compromises finally don’t matter.


2. Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Galaxy S9

Beaten only by the OnePlus 6 thanks to that phone’s ludicrous price, the Galaxy S9 is in many ways a safer bet in 2018 despite costing more. It has everything a modern phone can have including wireless charging, full waterproofing and a headphone jack.

Unlike some phones it also manages to have a huge screen and exquisite design without a notch at the top of the screen. And while it looks like the Galaxy S8, it improves the camera even further and adds dual speakers to justify the upgrade.

It’s an expensive phone at £739 or $720, but sometimes you have to pay to get the best. If you want more screen, battery and dual cameras, then there’s the Galaxy S9 Plus.


3. Huawei P20 Pro

Huawei P20 Pro

The P20 Pro stands out thanks to its three (yes, three) amazing rear cameras. Huawei has made a camera system unique in the smartphone market, and if night shots are your thing then this phone will blow you away.

Its glass and metal construction is so much better than the previous P10 phones and if you opt for the Twilight colour, you’ll have a phone that turns heads. £799 is expensive, and it lacks wireless charging and a headphone jack, but it doesn’t matter.

It’s hard to find in the US, but with its EMUI software skin less intrusive than ever, Huawei has made the third-best phone of the year but with the best low light camera.

You might want to consider the smaller, cheaper Huawei P20.


4. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The Note 9 takes the winning design of the Note 8 and improves it with better build quality, a larger screen and a sensibly placed fingerprint scanner. The 4000mAh battery is also an amazing upgrade.

The display is the best you’ll find on a smartphone alongside stereo speakers, great cameras and the smoothest Samsung software yet.

It’s too expensive for some starting at £899 or $999 and you might not need the S-Pen, but if its unique inclusion appeals to you then this is the best phone going.


5. Apple iPhone X

Apple iPhone X

The most expensive phone in our list at £999 or $999, but spread over a two year contract may be more manageable for you.

The first OLED display on an iPhone is outstanding, and features like the totally secure Face ID unlock system make it the most futuristic phone Apple has ever made. Performance is flawless, much like the build quality. It’s probably the most desirable phone in the world.

It is fast and wireless charging compatible, but only comes with a slow charger in the box. But improved battery life and amazing dual cameras still make the iPhone X a no-brainer if you already love iPhone and iOS.


6. LG G7 ThinQ

LG G7 ThinQ

Retaining the wide angle dual cameras but adding portrait mode for the first time on an LG phone, the G7 ThinQ is a solid flagship for 2018.

LG is still using an LCD screen in the G7 but it’s extremely bright and has great colour reproduction. It’s also cheaper than rivals at £599 or $750 and has a headphone jack with sound-improving Quad DAC.

There’s a notch, IP68 water resistance, wireless charging and loud, clear audio from the mono speaker. LG’s software skin is a little heavy with some design quirks, but the payoff is worth it for this fully featured handset.


7. Google Pixel 2

Google Pixel 2

If you want a pure Android experience with amazing performance, the best camera on a smartphone and guaranteed software updates for three years from its release, the £629 or $649 Pixel 2 is the phone for you.

This is the smaller of the Pixel 2 phones but it actually has the better display. And though those bezels look big in 2018, they contain useful two loud front facing speakers, great for video and podcasts – but there’s no headphone jack.

And oh, the camera – it’s incredible, and amazing that Google can achieve so much without the need for dual cameras. Trust us, this is the smartphone that will make you take more photos, so good are the results. It can even do portrait mode with one lens.


8. Huawei Mate 10 Pro

Huawei Mate 10 Pro

It’s a mark of how good Huawei phones have become that there are two in our Top 10. The Mate 10 Pro has a large vibrant OLED screen, particularly great battery life and awesome dual cameras (and no notch!)

It’s cheaper than others too at £699 (though you’ll struggle to buy it in the US) and benefits from improvements made to Huawei’s EMUI software. AI features also improve the camera experience, though it’s not as good at imaging as the Huawei P20 Pro.

Also built in is a real-time translation feature, waterproofing and 128GB storage to ensure this is a phone that will last you into at least two years of use.


9. Google Pixel 2 XL

Google Pixel 2 XL

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  • RRP: US$849 (64GB); US$949 (128GB)
  • Buy from Google

The Pixel 2 XL is a completely different phone to the smaller model. Google has ironed out some of the display issues in a software update to make the 2 XL a much better phone than it was at launch. It starts at £799 or $849.

It has the same software and amazing camera as the smaller one, but has a larger, taller, slightly curved screen and smaller bezels that still have dual front facing speakers. There’s no headphone jack, but a dongle in the box.

If you want the fastest Android security and software updates and a large display then this phone is for you – even if the competition is slightly more compelling than this Google-made vision of what a phone should be.


10. Apple iPhone 8

Apple iPhone 8

Although the design is ageing somewhat, the iPhone 8 is very much a modern smartphone. It has a superb display, improved battery life, waterproofing and wireless charging – hence the newly glass back.

The A11 Fusion chip is the same one that’s in the iPhone X so performance is phenomenal, as is the improved – but single – camera. Of course, the advantages of iOS are also here in iMessage, Facetime, timely software updates that will go on for years and the huge array of apps available.

There’s also a great new gold colour that’s subtler than before and starts at £699 or $699. If you want a new iPhone and don’t want to spend £1,000, this is the one to go for.

Source: Tech Advisor

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